By Chris Johnson


This Saturday, July 23, streets in Pecatonica will be closed. Some businesses, however, might see a financial boost. Thousands are expected to walk the streets of Pecatonica.

Beginning at Fifth Street, heading north towards the Pecatonica Playhouse, the only traffic that will be allowed on Main will be on foot, or possibly, roller skates.

Cruising music, as has been described, should fill the neighborhood, carrying sounds of the “50’s” as Cars on Main returns this Saturday morning. Main Street will remain shut down until the conclusion of the annual event.

With a decade of success already under its belt, the Cars on Main festival is once again expected to help bring visitors to Pecatonica, for a chance to get a look at what has been described by some as, “art on wheels.” Many visitors stay for a meal or a drink. Some choose to shop at the local stores.

A goal of 300 cars is a good goal, previous Cars on Main event coordinators have said.

During the Monday, July 10, meeting of the Economic Development Committee a contribution to the annual Cars on Main celebration was listed for discussion on the evening’s agenda. In previous years a donation of $250 was made.

An update on how things are progressing, in the plan to construct a new welcome center along the Pecatonica Prairie Path was listed for discussion.

As the new fiscal year begins, the Economic Development Committee and the Village Engineer, Chastain and Associates, continue to finalize their plans for the construction of a kiosk and shelter along the Pecatonica Prairie Path. A majority of the funding has been collected, through funds raised by the Economic Development Committee’s access to municipal gaming tax dollars.

Donations have also reportedly been received towards the construction of the newest Welcome Center.

The kiosk would be placed along with a possible shelter, with information on dining options and local businesses and services.

There has been no completion date reported for the community-based project.

In earlier reports, Village President Dan Barber had said a construction project like this is one that he feels could be good for the Village.

“There were many groups who all came together saying they wanted this project. It’s rare to have something like that.”

The Economic Development Committee reportedly is looking for outside assistance, as it attempts to look for community input on ways to help develop interest and growth in the Village.

Upcoming events and promotions along with plans for projects yet to occur were discussed as an update on the Farmer’s Market was given.

Those who would like more information on the Farmer’s Market are asked to contact the Village of Pecatonica, or members of the Village’s Economic Development Committee.


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