By Chris Johnson


During the summer the break exists for teachers and students within the Winnebago School District.

A lot of work, however, is accomplished when the hallways are empty. There is no off-season for many.

Maintenance work, including the tightening up of loosened screws, the removal of old equipment and the replacement of new, as well as assuring the physical structure is in the best possible condition are all on the District’s “to-do” list.

Funds are also freed for the purchase of necessary materials for the successful day-to-day operation of the School District.

The kids have to eat and the USDA assures that all students have access to a nutritious and well-balanced meal. That means purchases on certain staples have to be made. During the recent meeting of Trustees with District 323, contracts were signed with vendors.

Deals that had been set up with neighboring school districts, such as Pecatonica, allowed for better rates, as a result of a larger quantity requested.

Trustees agreed that they would work with Pan O Gold as part of a joint bread purchase with other districts.

The same action was taken for the use of Muller Pinehurst Dairy on a joint milk purchase bid.

The intergovernmental agreements aren’t just done with neighboring school districts, however.

In many situations a joint fuel purchase bid is placed with local fire protection districts, public works departments or Townships.

“It’s a better way to do things, to get a better rate,” according to Pecatonica School District Superintendent Bill Faller, who commented in an earlier report that the Pecatonica School District does the same thing.

“We work that way a lot. We try to find others to work with. We know if we order more, or get on a larger order, we can get a better rate.”

Winnebago School District Trustees also approved a deal with Gordon Food Services after receiving its offer in a bid.

In other action, District 323 Trustees were informed that a Special Meeting would be held on Monday, Aug. 1, to discuss the need to take further action on a plan for a new education center for Winnebago students.

It will be up to voters, as they will be asked to consider a resolution, providing for and requiring the submission of the proposition of issuing $25,600,000 School Building Bonds. On Nov. 8, this year, residents could be posed with the question.

Winnebago School Board Secretary Todd France had earlier said, it’s an expensive prospect.

“We know we will have to do something. We will have to find a way. It will be expensive.”

The Special Board Meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the McNair Board Room. If residents would like to speak to the School Board, they are invited to participate. Each speaker would be limited to two-minutes, according to the rules. The public is invited to voice their opinions during their opportunity to address the Board.

During the Monday, Aug. 1 meeting, discussion is expected to take place on goal seeking and strategic planning.

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