By Kathryn Menue


On Wednesday, Aug. 17, Belvidere North High School, Belvidere High School, and North Boone High School boys’ golf athletes met at Timber Pointe Golf Club to compete in the Boone County Open to kick-off the opening of the high school golf season. The tournament marked the 8th annual Boone County Open.

Among the three teams, Belvidere North came out on top with the lowest team score of 162 points. Belvidere High School came in second with 190 points, and North Boone came in third with 243 points.

The lowest scores from the top four athletes accounted for each teams’ score.

For Belvidere North Adam Veruchi, Brenton Payne, Josh Cassaro, and Jacob Dykstra were the top four competitors on the team. Veruchi had the lowest score out of any competitor with a 38. Payne came in second for North with 40 points. Cassaro and Dykstra tied for third and fourth with 42 points.

Bennett Baker came close to the other North players with 43 points, along with Garrett Nelson with 45 points.

For the second place team, Belvidere High School, the top four finishers were Larry Larson, Joe Wiley, Jesse Theis, and Xander Gehrke.

Larson came in first for the Belvidere team with 41 points; Wiley in second with 47 points; Theis in third with 50 points; and Gehrke in fourth with 52 points.

Putting in a good effort for the Belvidere team were Dylan Boardman with 54 points and Kris Worden with 60 points.

North Boone also put in a good effort in the first game of the season, but fell short to their neighboring rivals.

Glickenberger came in first for the team with 56 points, followed by Yunk and Smock tying for second and third with 62 points each, and Freeland in fourth with 63 points.

Teammates Maxey and Hooker finished with 64 points and 72 points.

Belvidere North took home their first win of the season.

Scores are courtesy of Alan McCormick, Instructional Technology BSMS/WA, Vice President of Belvidere Education Association, and Belvidere North Varsity Golf Coach. 

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