The Village of Machesney Park Clerk’s Office would like to equip our residents with pertinent information both for voting in the November Election and for the April Consolidated Election.

November Election:  If you are not registered to vote in the Nov. 8, 2016, Presidential Election, the last regular day to register is Oct. 11, 2016.  However, there is a grace period whereby you may register at the County Clerk’s Office during business hours and vote that same day.

The Grace Period Voting begins on Oct. 12, 2016 and ends on Nov. 7, 2016. Please call the County Clerk’s Office (815-319-4252) for information on early voting.

Consolidated Election:  The Consolidated Election for Machesney Park will be held April 4, 2017. Machesney Park residents voted in 2010 to become a nonpartisan community. However, if five or more individuals choose to run for any one office in the Village, there would be a primary to narrow the candidates to four. In this event, the primary will be held Feb. 28, 2017. If there is no need for a primary, the date for the Consolidated Election is April 4, 2017.

The Village of Machesney Park will conduct elections for four-year terms for the following offices:

Village President

Village Clerk

Village Treasurer

Trustees in Districts 1 – 3 – 4

As a courtesy for individuals seeking any of these offices, petition packets will be available during business hours at the Village Clerk’s Office in Machesney Park beginning Aug. 30, 2016 or online at the Illinois Board of Elections website

Petitions for the Consolidated Election may be circulated beginning Aug. 30, 2016 and the filing dates are Nov. 21 through Nov. 28, 2016.

If you have questions or need any clarification of given information, please call Village Clerk Lori Mitchell at (815) 877-5432.

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