Capt. Ken Jaeger

By Kathryn Menue


The Belvidere Fire Department usually is alight with the commotion of training, fires, ambulance calls, and more. For one blissful hour on Friday, Aug. 19, all of the commotion settled to focus on one individual and his dedication to the Belvidere fire service for the past 30 years.

From noon to 1 p.m., Belvidere Fire Station I, located at 123 S. State St. in Belvidere, held an open house to celebrate Captain Ken Jaeger’s retirement from the Belvidere Fire Department after 30 years of service.

The fire house filled with firefighters, police officers, family, friends, and well-wishers who all came to support Capt. Jaeger and congratulate him on his new chapter in life.

Capt. Jaeger’s long journey in the fire service began 37 years ago, when he started his career volunteering for the small community of Lindenwood, Ill. in Ogle County. His volunteer days lasted seven years, before he made the big move to join the Belvidere Fire Department.

After so many years in the fire service, Capt. Jaeger knew it was time to move onto his next venture in life. He said there are many different reasons why he decided to leave, but one of the main reasons being his age.

“It’s a young man’s job, for sure – fighting fires,” Capt. Jaeger said. So, he decided to leave and let the next generation of firefighters step forward to help.

As for future plans, Capt. Jaeger said he hasn’t planned anything just yet. He doesn’t plan on moving, traveling, or taking any big trips, at least not in the next few years. However, he will enjoy having free time to plan fun days in the local area and spend more time with friends and family.

Of course, retirement does come with a heavy heart, and Capt. Jaeger said he will miss working for the Belvidere Fire Department.

Capt. Jaeger said what he’ll miss the most is the “camaraderie” he shares with the other firefighters.

“We eat, work, and sleep together,” Capt. Jaeger said. “It’s like a second family.”

Overall, Capt. Jaeger looked forward to retirement and enjoyed celebrating his retirement with everyone in attendance at the open house. Coworkers were appreciative of his service; family wished him congratulations, and friends warned him to “stay out of trouble.”

For someone with 37 years of service in safety, staying out of trouble should be an easy feat for him to accomplish.

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