By Kipp Koenig


Kishwaukee Valley Billiards, a co-ed league, is looking for players for the up and coming fall/winter pool season. The season will start in September and run into February.

Teams are comprised of three players. Tournaments will consist of two teams playing each other, with each member of the team facing each member of the opposing team twice.

The Kishwaukee Valley Billiards alternate breaks and each player racks their own rack. The last three seasons the Kishwaukee Valley Billiards have had 10 teams, 30 players, and lots of substitutes.

Now, the Kishwaukee Valley Billiards are looking to expand their league in time for the Illinois State Tournament.

At the 2016 state tournament Greg Chavera won the Advanced division.

If beginners would like to join, they can. The Kishwaukee Valley Billiards use a handicap system that evens out the game for the beginners in the league.

Plus, state competition has different classes of competitors, so beginners would face other beginners at the big tournament.

There are four classes, Standard the lowest, Open, Advanced, and Master.

For more information or to join the league, contact Kipp Koenig by calling or texting at (815) 871-1615.

Koenig is the League Operator for the Kishwaukee Valley Billiards ACS. He has had a lot of help starting the league and would like to thank Von Fox of the Von Billiards, Dave Cole from the Carom Room, Backstop Bar and Grill, Gene’s Place, and Waterfall Bar and Grill for all the help they have given to Koenig. Koenig would also like to thank all of the players involved in the league who come every week with a strong passion to play pool.


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