M Bros

By Kathryn Menue


The M Brothers brought an evening of variety to the Boone County Fair on Tuesday, Aug. 9. The duo performed from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to a large crowd of people gathered in the Entertainment Pavilion.

The M Brothers are a staple to the Boone County Fair with their act returning year after year with music and comedy blending into a wonderful show for all fairgoers to enjoy. Plus, the show was free after fair admittance, giving fairgoers an added treat for Tuesday evening.

The variety show began when one M Brother took to the stage, belting out old style melodies such as “Some Enchanted Evening,” which was performed originally by Frank Sinatra with a popular cover done by Paul Robeson.

Not only could the senior singer belt out the notes in time and in tune with the music, but he also displayed a loving emotion when he sang the line: “Once you’ve found her, never let her go.”

So the evening wouldn’t remain too sappy and overly done with romance, the other M Brother performed part of his comedy routine as his brother took a break.

For example, the comedic M Brother told a joke of an engineer going to Hell after he died.

At first, Hell was not a pleasant place to be, but the engineer got to work and added luxuries such as indoor plumbing, escalators, and air conditioning.

When God called down to Hell to speak to the devil about how Hell was going, the devil responded that Hell was wonderful due to the engineer overhauling the place.

God said that the engineer could not remain in Hell. There must have been a mistake because all engineers were destined to go to Heaven.

However, the devil refused to turn the engineer over to God’s side.

God threatened to sue the devil if he didn’t release the engineer from the bounds of Hell.

The devil replied, “Yeah right, where are you going to get a lawyer?”

With laughter emitting from the crowd, the variety show turned back to the music with a musical favorite from Fiddler on the Roof.

The singer even changed his attire between songs from a sports coat and top hat for the first song to suspenders and a beret for the next performance.

The singing M Brother had a strong voice, with some fairgoers being able to hear him all the way back by the Beef Barn.

Then, comedy returned to the stage with another long joke about a man meeting a talking dog.

A man visited a house because he heard that the man owned a talking dog. The man said yes he did. The visitor asked if he could speak with the dog. The owner showed him the way to the backyard.

When he arrived, the visitor asked about the talking dog’s life. The dog responded about how he had saved the world over and over again working as a spy for the CIA and as a security guard at the airport. He said he put a lot of criminals away.

The visitor was so amazed by the dog’s story; he felt he simply had to own him.

So, the visitor returned to the owner and asked him how much he wanted for the talking dog. The owner responded $10.

Why so little of an amount for the talking dog?

The owner responded, “Because, he’s a liar. He’s never even left the backyard.”

Chuckles started around the crowd again, as the M Brother’s welcomed a special addition to their show.

Pat Campbell joined the duo by performing “The Rose,” or as some might know it better, “Some Say Love.”

With her song complete, the evening continued with the same setup for their show, with music and comedy fusing together in one show.


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