Magic Mike

By Matt Helm


Magic Mike Winters brought his 40 years of entertainment experience to the Boone County Fair, performing thrilling routines of magic, hypnotism, and comedy.

“I’ve been a staple at the fair for at least 15 years,” Winters said. “I am pretty much self-taught. I’ve met other professional magicians and have had tricks that fooled even them. We magicians like to trade secrets that way.”

Magic Mike performed Wednesday, Aug. 10 through Sunday, Aug. 14 at various hours of the day near the main gate.

“I do a lot of tricks where the audience gets to participate,” Winters said. “I do card tricks, sponge balls, and ropes. I’m always learning new card tricks, so I’ll have some different ones to show off this year. The kids and the adults both really enjoy it.”

Magic Mike also made balloon creations for the kids, including animals, swords, and flowers. He also participated in the Kid’s Games portion of the fair.

“The fun part for me is the reaction of everybody else; that’s where I get my enjoyment,” Winters said. “They’re pretty much all amazed. They get to participate in the magic, they don’t just stand and watch, the magic happens right in their hands because it’s a smaller group of people. You don’t just sit back and watch like some of the other shows.”

The show also included comedy.

“I put in a lot of jokes with my performances and it’s pretty funny,” Winters said. “It’s a good feeling to see even the adults freak-out when I do my magic tricks.”

Winters looks forward to the Boone County Fair every year.

“I like to watch the other acts when I’m not working,” Winters said. “Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I recognize a lot of people, and they come looking for me, and it’s fun to visit with them. Of course, I also look forward to eating the ice cream.”


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