By Chris Johnson


On Friday, July 29, the online registration season for parents wishing to enroll their children in the Durand School District ended. It was a first time experience and was done in the hopes of attempting to streamline the potentially time consuming process into something simpler for everyone involved.

Online registration was done to make things easier and save money.

Technology Directory, Eddie Johnston, reported that registration for the 2016-2017 School Year began on Thursday, July 17. It was known there would be a good chance the district would save money.

“We cut back in paper use as well as the ink and toner. We save on manpower cost.”

During registration, the school’s technology lab remained open.

Information on how successful should be presented during the upcoming meeting of the Durand School Board, on Monday, Aug. 8. If parents still have not registered, they are asked to contact the school.

In an effort to assure that the upcoming school year can handle the heavier load, with the addition of more online learning with Chromebooks, extra capacity had to be added. An enhanced means to allow for the transfer of information, according to Superintendent Kurt Alberstett, had to be established.

As work continues, Alberstett reported he has been personally involved in assuring things go well, as he works with others from the community.

“We were running the fiber from Stephenson County to Durand. We were talking about the placement of the fiber. I’ll be working with them and I just wanted the Board to be aware that we were talking to the Township as well. We even looked into the rare, rare, situation that the cable would get chopped, where we would be we with our insurance.”

Alberstett’s contract overseeing the administration team with the Durand School District was extended to cover the next two years. The vote to continue relying on Alberstett’s services was unanimously accepted by Trustees in attendance.

In a motion made by Trustee Mike Reese and seconded by Trustee Corey Anderson, the Superintendent was issued a contract to oversee operations through the 2017-2018 School Year.

In a roll call vote, Trustees Brett Proctor, Mike Reese, Corey Anderson and Trustee Rick Steder voted in favor of the measure.

Trustee Brad Faulkner and Trustee Annette DeYoung were absent and unavailable to vote.

In other action, a motion was made and approved to sign the Maryville Academy Use Agreement when it becomes available. This year’s plan will echo the one put into place during the previous education cycle.

During the August meeting of the Durand School Board, action leading to discussion on proposed staff increases for non-teaching personnel is scheduled to be open for discussion pending the completion of all negotiations, according to reports.

As information becomes available it then can become public. By rule any discussion about personnel or processes involving possible legal action must occur behind closed doors, in closed session, with only Trustees and select personnel allowed. The findings from the Executive Session become available as completion is realized.

Recent meeting dates between the Board of Education Negotiating Committee and the DEA Negotiating Committee were held on Monday, July 11 and Tuesday July 12.

Additional dates were available, as reported, Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, if they were deemed necessary.

In a unanimous vote, Crystal Brauer and Tricia Byington were selected as Junior Class Advisors.

Caitlin Derus was hired as Seventh Grade girls’ basketball coach.

The Durand School Board will meet next in regular session on Monday, Aug. 8, at 6 p.m.

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