The Hononegah Community High School District #207 Board of Education voted to place a referendum on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot that would authorize expansion and upgrades to Hononegah Community High School.

A group of local citizens is forming a campaign committee to advocate and support the passing of Hononegah’s referendum. The group aims to connect with voters to communicate how the referendum will result in substantial improvements in our community and at Hononegah Community High School.

Passing the referendum would authorize the Board of Education to sell bonds totaling $44 million. If approved, it would allow for the implementation of the District’s Educational Master Facility Plan, which will result in expansion and upgrades for the high school during the next five years.

The plan also includes the addition of a fieldhouse to replace the dome that collapsed in the December 2015 ice storm.

The dome was built in 2003 with an expected life span of 20 years. The Educational Master Facility Planning process began during the 2015-2016 school year prior to the collapse of the Dome in December 2015 at which time the Dome had 7 years remaining.

Due to the collapse of the dome, the Educational Master Facility Plan has been accelerated to meet the timeline to provide indoor space for physical education, athletic, and community events as well as upgrades to other campus and building areas.

The referendum issue would require the owner of a $100,000 house to pay approximately $130 a year in additional property taxes. Homeowners’ property taxes were decreased by the District in 2013 by $88 for a $100,000 house when the District paid off former referendum bonds.

In the coming weeks, the campaign’s committee members will host neighborhood meetings and gatherings to explain the referendum. The campaign’s website will provide additional information on the referendum and dates of open houses, and the committee will launch a Facebook page to provide continuous updates and information to voters.

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