By Chris Johnson


The Pecatonica Village Board met in Special Session on Wednesday, July 27, with action expected to take place on a plan allowing for the release of funds in an attempt to draw visitors to the community.

The plan to begin construction on an information kiosk, housed within a stone-shelter structure along the Pecatonica Prairie Path was delayed, however. Economic Development Committee Chairman William Determan asked that the measure not be brought up for discussion during the Special Board Meeting on Wednesday night.

According to Determan, since only a partial percentage of the Board was in attendance he preferred the matter be delayed.

“I just want more Trustees to have their chance to vote,” Determan said.

The majority of available voting members would have been sufficient to allow the funds to be released for the construction of a structure containing a shelter and informational kiosk. The shelter would consist of stone veneer columns with camber glulam under the roof truss.

A second option would have allowed for the use of wood columns with open wood trusses. The bid received for the shelter construction was $38,813. The kiosk bid, slated for acceptance, was listed at $4,020. The portion of development would total around $43,000.

The information about local goods and services would be available in the kiosk. The funds would be accounted for, as it was in the budget.

The measure has received a lot of attention during meetings of the various committees along with the Committee of the Whole and Village Board.

Additional revenue in the form of discretionary dollars and donations would have also helped with the cost.

If a low-interest loan were used, the payment plan could be set up to help cover the expense, as that path had been investigated.

The advantages for non-residents were many, according to those in favor of the plan. The Village Board decided to wait with action delayed at this time.

Due to the special circumstances involved and with only three of six voting members in attendance, a yes vote along with a nod of approval from Village President Dan Barber, would have meant the plan for the release of dollars could occur.

A vote could still occur at a later meeting allowing additional steps to be taken in the effort to build up the downtown area.

Trustee Bill Determan’s request was acted upon with the issue being set aside until a later date.

It is expected the plan could reappear as early as Thursday, Aug. 4, or more likely during the Tuesday, Aug. 16, meeting of the Pecatonica Village Board.

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