By Chris Johnson


Discussion continues to be held by municipal leaders, as paths are investigated, in an attempt to draw enhanced interest in being a part of the Pecatonica community. Project after project receives attention as Trustees try to determine what the best course of action would be to encourage investment in the village.

Much of the attention is given courtesy of action taken by members in the Economic Development Committee. Trying to figure out how to fund those projects is a constant challenge.

After video gaming machines were allowed into businesses in Pecatonica, tax revenue was generated from user actions.

Since the addition of video gaming, the money has been adding up with an ordinance set up to allow for all funds from video gaming to be distributed to the Economic Development Committee.

There hasn’t been a lot of spending done by the EDC, because they haven’t had that much to work with, but the projects they have focused on have allowed the committee’s impact to be felt.

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, the Village Board decided to approve a bid in the amount of $38,813, submitted by Bennett Construction, Inc., for construction of a new shelter area on the Pecatonica Prairie Path.

The importance or need of the shelter was often questioned by Trustee Steve Eytalis, who was concerned that the funds could be used in different ways.

Trustee Zach Foster expressed his concern that funding would not be in place.

Trustee Bill Determan elected to remove the approval from a recent village agenda until all voices had one more chance to talk about it.

Village President Dan Barber has long stood by his support of any plan the Board found worthy of undertaking. He reportedly also felt that the amount of the support the community project received from multiple entities had to be taken into consideration.

With a final agreement in place on Tuesday night, the measure passed allowing Bennett Construction to begin working on the new shelter. Nearly two years of work, is now about to enter realization.

As has been previously described, the shelter will be built as a free-standing structure, which will be ten feet wide by 20 feet long. Permanence will be supported, using glue lam construction with steel columns. The columns will be stone-wrapped.

The entire project’s scope includes costs for excavation, concrete footing and pier, lumber, shingles, stain and seal lumber. A concrete slab will be put in place. The amount also includes labor cost.

The plan will assure the items, including the stain and seal lumber, are in place with payment and performance bond included.

It will be a project which abides by law, in regards to paying the prevailing wage.

Insurance and a certified payroll will also be included.

There is an option for a slight savings for the Village.

It was reported that if someone other than the contractor does painting and staining an amount of $2,400 could be deducted.

At this point it isn’t known as to when the construction is slated to begin. It is also unknown as to how long the project will take, from ground-breaking to ribbon cutting.

Residents, businesses and other governmental entities have reportedly expressed their support for the project.

After completion of the shelter, action could occur on the placement of an informational kiosk within the structure that will contain information about the Village of Pecatonica and the goods and services available. One quote for the construction of the kiosk was listed at $4,020.

The Pecatonica Village Board meets in regular session on the third Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.

The Pecatonica Committee of the Whole, which reports its findings to the Village Board, meets on the first Thursday of every month, at 6 p.m.

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