By Chris Johnson


One of the tools a Municipal Board has at its disposal is a lack of action. In order for a measure to be presented for discussion steps have to be taken including a motion to realize a proposal in front of Trustees or Committee Members and a second. This then opens the door for discussion.

When a topic comes up, which has variables or approaches controversy and is listed on an agenda, the governing board is required to bring it to the table and begin discussion.

On Thursday night, Aug. 4, the Pecatonica Village Board took no action on a proposal for road construction that involved street bids and a chip seal project. Village President Dan Barber advised the Board as to what action needed to occur.

As the plan was brought up for discussion, with a motion opening the proceedings, no second was issued, which means the plan just disappears, according to Barber.

“If I ask for a motion and no one gives a second, we move on, it just dies.”

Certain proposals require a bid process for specific work.

For the Village, the proposal refusal, based on the lack of a second, means the project can go back out for bid. It will be as if it was a new project with area businesses getting their best chance at submitting a cost for the needed action.

In other action, the Village Board decided to waive certain rules in an attempt to take action on a proposal which requires two specific presentations.

Ordinance 2016-14 regards storm water management. Barber advised the Board that the issue has been discussed in length at previous meetings. The Ordinance is something the Village has to approve.

“This is something we have worked on for a long time. According to the attorney the engineer was holding up the process. According to the engineer the attorney was. We had to decide to hold it over for the next meeting, or waive the rules and vote tonight.”

The Ordinance’s purpose is to allow for enforcement in the attempt to diminish threats to public health, safety, and welfare, caused by runoff of excessive storm water from new development and redevelopment. The concern from water runoff includes the possibility of inundation of damageable properties. It can lead to erosion and destabilization of downstream channels as well as the pollution of valuable stream and lake resources.

The ordinance was adopted to assure that new development does not increase the drainage or flood hazards to others or create unable conditions. It is also designed to protect new building and major improvements to building from flood damage due to increased storm water runoff and to protect human life and health from the hazards of increased flooding on a watershed basis.

With the action taken by the Board of Trustees the ordinance entered full force and effect upon passage. The action will be published in pamphlet form as provided by law.

The Village Board cut checks in the amount of 33,830.68, to meet their expenses for the period.

The Pecatonica Municipal Board will meet next on Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 6 p.m.

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