Girls Golf Co-op

By Kathryn Menue


In a match set against Freeport High School on Thursday, Sept. 1 at Timber Pointe Golf Course, the Belvidere girls’ golf co-op team defeated the Pretzels by a huge margin of 179-234.

“Congratulations to the girls’ golf team for defeating Freeport High School Thursday by 65 strokes 179 to 234,” Coach Dan Koenings said. “The top four scores that accounted for this win were medalist Maddie ‘cross handed’ Sturm with a 39, Sara ‘the putt master’ Redig with a 45, Morgan ‘patience’ McNulty with a 45, and Rachel ‘I’m tall’ Nelson with a 50.”

The other Belvidere players who rounded out the team were Natalie Altintop with a 54 and Christine Chustak with a 51.

Freeport just couldn’t compete with scores like those, except for Freeport leader, Maxine Nesemeier, who tied as the match medalist with a score of 39.

Pretzel teammates ranged in higher scores in the 50s through the 70s. Alexandra Daggert finished with a 57, followed by Farrah Sands with a 60, and Sarina Goldie with a 78.

“That puts the [Belvidere] team at 5-1,” Coach Koenings said. “Great job, ladies.”

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