By Chris Johnson


On Tuesday, Sept. 1, Trustees acting in the capacity of a committee member welcomed discussion on the possibility of a tax referendum appearing on an upcoming ballot. Public Works Director Mark Rust presented the issue, even though it may be a situation that Pecatonica residents may not approve, but it is needed, according to Rust. It is something that has to be done. There is too much work that isn’t getting done.

“Part of the problem we are facing is funding all of all these projects we need to do. We have to get more money. I know people don’t want to hear it, but maybe we have to get a tax referendum going.”

With the many road projects the Village has to undertake, criticism surfaces at times when it comes to what is actually being completed.

It’s a situation that Committee Member Zach Foster said has to change. The people won’t be willing to dig any deeper, if they feel it is for no good reason. According to Foster, the issue has to do with perception.

“We need to do something. We need to do the work we need to do, where people can actually see it. They would be much more likely to give more money if they see things are actually getting done. I’m having issues with us saying we are going to do things that we need funding for, yet the things we say we are going to complete, we don’t.”

The issue has not been placed on the agenda for the upcoming Village Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20. There is a chance it will be though, when discussion occurs in Committee, it does not always transfer to the full board. In a situation where the Village could be asking for more funding in the form of a referendum, a lot of discussion has to be held. The Board will have to act before it can come to fruition.

On the last ballot, the issue for a general corporate tax increase failed by a large margin, however it fell by a smaller margin than an issue asking for additional funding to contribute additional monies to the Village’s Public Safety Department.

Rust further reported to the Committee of the Whole that during the week of Sept. 19, fire hydrants within the Village will be flushed, which could lead to some inconveniences for residents. It’s something that has to get done to assure the hydrants are in proper working order, Rust explained.

The Committee of the Whole was also informed that Village Engineer Jason Stoll will be taking some time away from the Board as he continues his education.

“I will be stepping away from my regular meetings with the Board for a while. I am going to continue my education to be a licensed professional surveyor in addition to my position as Village Engineer. I will be taking my classes at Northern Illinois University and won’t be able to make the Thursday meetings. I will still be here for the Village Board meetings on Tuesdays, though.”

Stoll said Chastain and Associates will still have a representative who will visit with the Committee of the Whole during Stoll’s absence.

The Committee of the Whole is responsible to report its findings to the Village Board when it meets in regular session on the third Tuesday of every month.

The next meeting of the Pecatonica Village Board will be on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 6 p.m.


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