The Pecatonica Lions Club will be throughout the community on Friday, Oct 14 and Saturday, Oct 15, for Candy Day. The Lions will be giving away rolls of mint candy and accepting monetary contributions to be used in helping the visually and hearing impaired. It is almost impossible for those who can see and hear normally to fully understand what it is like to be visually and hearing impaired.

Those who are visually or hearing impaired will know the struggles of everyday life. Living with these conditions can be difficult, however, it’s becoming slight easier with the help of more recent technology. For those hard of hearing, devices, like tv ears and others, are helping more and more people to cope. By improving their ability to hear, these hearing aids are enhancing the lives of many. Whether it’s doing something as simple as allowing them to hear the TV better, it’s still giving sufferers a sense of normality.

These advancements for people struggling are the reason why Candy Day looks to raise money for both the visually impaired and those hard of hearing. Whilst a small contribution doesn’t seem that much, it can make a huge difference for those people who struggle with everyday activities due to limitations being set on them due to their disabilities. With more monetary contributions to the cause, the more chances they have of improving more people’s lives, allowing them to enjoy simple, everyday things.

The charity, Candy Day, was started in 1952. Lions throughout the state will join forces to raise funds, which are used to help the blind and hearing impaired. If you wish to contribute to this worthy cause, please get in contact with either the co-chairman, Joyce Tielkemeier 239-1461, or Dorothy Bolen 239-2488. Whatever donations you can give will benefit someone’s life, no matter the amount.


In preparation for Lions Candy Day, the Pecatonica Lions attended the Candy Day Jamboree in Leaf River. From the left: Lion Dorothy Bolen, Lion Joe Serafini (of the Freeport Lions Club) and Lion Joyce Tielkemeier. Candy Day will be held Friday, Oct. 14 and Saturday, Oct 15.

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