By Chris Johnson

News Correspondent

The Pecatonica Village Board meeting in Special Session on Thursday, Oct. 6, was presented with a resolution calling for the need for upcoming meetings and a Public Hearing in the matter of Village Growth and Development. There are a lot of steps that have to be taken before residents of Pecatonica and the surrounding communities get the chance to shop at a proposed new retail outlet. An area of land has to be annexed. Public services have to be extended. A TIF District has to be established.

On Thursday night one step was taken. Village President Dan Barber asked Trustees to vote on the plan to help strengthen the Village’s position in the development of a business-incentive district.

“The TIF District’s purpose is to allow tax dollars raised to be used in a capacity that helps encourage growth and development. That could classify as a lot of things. Residents within the TIF District could derive benefits.”

In order for the Village to get Dollar General, things have to get done Barber explained.

“The need for a TIF District Meeting exists because that’s the way things have to be done. This is required by the TIF Statute. It’s pretty simple. A Board consisting of all taxing bodies will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 3:30 p.m. It’s the first meeting of many we will have.”

The Board will consist of representatives from across the taxing spectrum. The use of tax dollars involves all State-held interests such as schools, fire protection districts and library boards. A lot of people are involved, Barber explained.

“The Board also includes a member of the public at large. The company handling this for us, Ehlers, will be involved as well. The Board will be entitled to make comments on the plan. They can request changes to the plan. The Board does not have to make changes. They can advise what to do.”

Another step which must be taken involves outright public comment. The Village needs residents to speak up at the November 22 meeting Barber expressed.

“A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 22 here at the Village Hall. There are a lot of deadlines we have to meet. We had to take action on Thursday night since the documents had to go out on Friday. Everything we have done or what we will have to do will be according to Statute.”

Trustees were presented with Resolution 2016-10-06 which stated a Public Hearing and Joint Review Board had to be convened to consider the establishment of the Main Street Redevelopment Project Area. The Village of Pecatonica would be empowered to take certain actions pertaining to redevelopment activities. The area of development would be deemed inside the Village limits.

The southern edge of the TIF District has been discussed to extend into property the Village currently doesn’t possess. It will have to be annexed. If the property is not annexed and if Dollar General’s plans did not change, revenue would slip to the domain of the Winnebago County Board. There are many legal steps which have to be taken, all pursuant to the Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act, in accordance to the Illinois Municipal Code.

Trustees were informed that the legal requirements, including the publication in the Gazette Newspaper and other print-resource outlets, will be met.

As meeting dates are set, more information will become available. We will continue to follow the development of the proposed enhanced TIF District in the Gazette Newspaper.

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