The children were at it again on Monday, Nov. 14, for the weekly Concordia Lanes Junior Bowling League, held at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere after the youth bowlers get off of school.

This week’s top bowlers pulled out all the stops to make it onto the highest scoring bowler list.

Yet again, no one competed in the Cookies and Milk League, the youngest division of youth bowlers.

In the Bantams division, Hannah Bartlett and Draivin Wright came out on top. Bartlett scored a 62 with a 106 series, while Wright scored a 63 with a 124 series.

In the Preps category, Chad Morgan scored a high score of 151 with a 371 series, and Maci McCoy scored an 89 with a 221 series.

In the last division, the Junior/Majors, Trevor Dawley had a solo top performance with his score of 143 with a 375 series.

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