By Doug Schroder


Eighteen months after the groundbreaking ceremony took place, Generations at Neighbors Nursing home in Byron celebrated a Grand Reopening on Thursday, Nov. 17. It was a grand affair with no expense spared. After the ribbon cutting ceremony a wonderful buffet was provided for the guests. The buffet was catered by Michaels, of Morton Grove, IL, and featured such items as sushi, sesame shrimp, homemade Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s, in addition to sandwiches, fruit, cheese and other homemade goodies.

Musicians were placed in strategic areas in the home to serenade the people as they went through. There was a harpist, string quartet, guitar and piano players that played throughout the evening.

Guests were also given small paper bags to take home that had a quilted ice-scraper included, among other small items.

Those were the small extras that showed how Generations pays attention to detail when it comes to their facilities.

The new additions will significantly upgrade the services that Generations provides to residents of Byron and the surrounding communities.

Generation employee Pawn Thammarath gave me a tour of the new facility.

In the physical therapy room, in addition to the new equipment, there are areas set up in a home-type setting where staff can determine if a patient can cook and clean in the kitchen by themselves, or can use a bathroom by themselves. There is even a little grocery store set up to evaluate if patients can shop for themselves. It is important to know what one can, and cannot, do after experiencing a life-changing event.

Physical therapy can now also be done on an outpatient basis, thus reducing the amount of time a resident has to stay.

New sitting areas have also been set up, that feature couches, chairs, tables and a TV, for a more comfortable setting when guest visit residents.

Thirty-four new rooms have been added to the facility, with eight rooms being semi-private and the rest being private. The rooms are provided with televisions and microwaves for the residents.

A doctor’s office has also been added to the facility to patients can be seen on premises.

One last nice touch added to the facility was an ice cream parlor, where residents can get a tasty treat by themselves or with guests.

Generations Nursing Home has been around since the early 1970’s. With this new addition they will be around for generations to come.


Former employees of Generations at Neighbors Nursing Home in Byron came for the Grand Reopening on Thursday, Nov. 17. Pictured (L-R) are former Administrator Kim Kilmer-Ness, Gen Pearson, Shelly Salo, Pam Bolen and Brenda Henson.


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