By Barb Appelhans, REPORTER

 As per tradition, Candlewick Lake hosted their trick-or-treat night the Sunday before Halloween (Sunday, Oct. 30) with trick-or-treaters flooding the streets from 2 – 6 p.m. The Candlewick Lake Association decided to do trick-or-treating on the Sunday before Halloween to make it safer for the children. Candlewick Lake doesn’t have any sidewalks, so by having trick-or-treating during the daylight hours, children are less likely to be in an accident with motorists and motorists have an easier time seeing the trick-or-treaters, so they will have a safer drive as well.

Trick-or-treating always is a spectacle in Candlewick Lake, since the gated-residential area is home to a great many families with hundreds of children flocking the streets in the hopes of great treats. It is easy for families to go through bags and bags of candy in mere hours due to the high amount of children in the area. Candlewick Trick-or-TreatCandlewick Trick-or-Treat 2Candlewick Trick-or-Treat 3Candlewick Trick-or-Treat 4Candlewick Trick-or-Treat 5For instance, some houses went through eight large size bags of candy in the first few hours of trick-or-treating. For the residence of Candlewick Lake who handed out candy, the evening was filled with joy at being able to provide sweet treats to the local youth dressed up in their cute, creative, and adventurous costumes. Costumes varied from the usual pirates, princesses, and witches to Disney inspired costumes like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland or the old time classic, Mickey Mouse. With the height of Pokémon Go!, several youngsters dressed up as their favorite Pokémon characters. Other favorites included superheroes like The Flash and local staples like a Sock Monkey.

Overall, everyone had a good time enjoying more treats than tricks for the 2016 Halloween holiday

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