By Anne Eickstadt, REPORTER

 “Our residents look forward to this event every year. They really look forward to seeing the costumes, handing out candy, and interacting with the children,” Jessica James of the Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facility said on Thursday, Oct. 27 as residents interacted with community youth for the Heritage Woods Trick-or-Treat Night at 6 p.m. Residents lined up on both sides of the hallway for Halloween Trick-or-Treating. They had candy bowls in hand and smiles on their faces. As the costumed children and parents poured in the doors and filed down the hall, each resident handed out candy until their bowls were empty and they called for more. “I have only been here for four months,” resident Robert Myers, 75, said. “This is a very enjoyable event. It has caused a lot of excitement in everyone. It’s a very nice place.” Other residents felt the same way about the Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facility and the activities they coordinate. “We have this every year. They do it for the kids,” resident Anita Spinoso, 77, said. “I’ve been here for five years. It’s wonderful what they do here. It’s a wonderful place. They do everything for you. They have nurses, eye doctors…. Everything is so nice. The food is great. It’s beautiful.”

Heritage Woods is a community designed to serve adults 65-years-old and older who need some help to maintain their independence. It serves as an alternative to nursing homes or to struggling alone in an empty house. “Our emphasis is on maintaining health, wellness, dignity, and independence. Our apartments are conveniently designed for senior living. We really love to offer this kind of event to our residents and to the community. It kind of brings a twinkle back into their eyes and puts a smile on their faces,” James said. “We try to do a lot of things with our residents and keep them involved.” The residents, the children, and their parents all had a wonderful time. Families or strangers, everyone enjoyed trick-or-treating with each other and enjoyed the many different imaginative costumes that the children wore.

More information about Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facilities, located at 4730 Squaw Prairie Road in Belvidere, and a list of the amenities that they offer can be found on their website at: 

Tick-or-Treating in the halls of Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facility

Tick-or-Treating in the halls of Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facility


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