By Marianne Mueller, REPORTER

 After 22 years, Reverend John Heins of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church has retired. This left the door open for the congregation to welcome a new Pastor. Two months ago Pastor Megan Vaughan began a new venture while called to a new position; one certain to change many lives. Vaughan’s vocation started forming shape in her childhood. “Growing up, faith was always an important part of my family,” said Vaughan. “My mom was especially instrumental in keeping my sister and I involved in our church. When I got to college I made a choice to continue that involvement. I went to the University of Northern Iowa and studied Communications/Electronic Media.” “While in college I became involved in the Lutheran Campus Ministry group. I found an amazing group of friends there. My campus Pastor was very instrumental. He placed a call on my heart and it was inescapable.” Vaughan attended Seminary at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. “My husband and I enjoyed living in the city. The school is located in Hyde Park, close to the lake on the south side of the city. We already had one son when we moved there, our oldest, Tate. During Seminary our second son, Jasper was born. It took me five years to finish my degree; Masters of Divinity.” “The program is supposed to be four years; three of class work and a full year of an internship. It took me a little bit longer do to that because of my second son’s birth. We have a third son Corin, who was born last year.” “Hyde Park and the Seminary was a really wonderful community to live in. My husband and I are both from Iowa and we appreciated the diversity that the city offered.” Megan and her family moved to the Rockton area from Iowa three years ago to work as the Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Trinity Lutheran in Rockford.

On Oct. 10, Pastor Megan Vaughan was officially installed as Senior Pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Roscoe. Bishop H. Jeffery A. Clements of the Northern Ill. Synod presided over the installation and service. In a special message Bishop Clements led in the singing of the song, “Let It Shine.” The words he left everyone with were, “Be a light for others, give people hope and a vision. Be a servant to the people.” Traditional hymns were sung and communion was shared in a lovely, meaningful service. Bishop Clements escorted Pastor Vaughan to the place of Baptism, the place of the word, and the place of the meal. Rick Paus, a member of the congregation, read instructions on where the Pastor must lead in each section of the Church. Bishop Clements and Pastor Lucy Wynard of Open Arms Lutheran Church laid hands on Pastor Vaughan as the congregation prayed for her. Megan Vaughan was presented as Senior Pastor followed by a round of applause. A nice reception was held, which included cake, ice cream and beverages in celebration of this momentous occasion.

Currently the congregation has about 500 members on record. “We have about 150 active members,” said Pastor Vaughan. What projects is Pastor Vaughan placing her concentration on? “I have a background in youth and family ministry. I’m focusing on how we involve youth in all areas of the Church. I’m very grateful for the work of our Youth Director Warren Jacobs. We are trying to make worship and education accessible for families with young children, tweens and teenagers.”  

MARIANNE MUELLER, PHOTO - The Herald. Megan Vaughan was installed as Senior Pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church on Sunday, Oct. 16. She was welcomed by members of the congregation with a reception.

Megan Vaughan was installed as Senior Pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church on Sunday, Oct. 16. She was welcomed by members of the congregation with a reception.

“Cross and Crown has a very strong emphasis on serving, “says Pastor Vaughan.  We believe faith is active in loving and serving our community. Jesus came to care for the least of his community: the sick, the lonely and the poor. At Cross and Crown we follow that example of sharing the gospel message of Jesus through loving our neighbor.” “Our congregation also values music as a way of praising and worshiping God,” praises Vaughan. We have a very active choir led by Mitch Olson. Our music varies from very traditional hymns to contemporary Christian music. Music transcends thoughts and feelings and fills our souls with joy beyond this world.” 

Cross and Crown  supports many organizations in the Rockford area including Caritas, the Old Stone Food Pantry, Carpenters Place, Mosaic, Katie’s Cup and Lutheran Social Services in Illinois .This  Christmas season Church members will reach out by buying presents for Wimpy’s Fund through the Rockton Lion’s Club. 

Pastor Megan Vaughan is breathing new life into her new Church home. She has received an official welcome by the congregation that she now serves!








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