By Chris Johnson

News Correspondent

Interpreting reports submitted by the Illinois State Board of Education can be a complicated process. In many situations, multiple variables influence specific findings. Reading a report one way and then looking at it from a second perspective can prove to be more beneficial and lead to a more satisfied understanding of the information released. In some situations other things could be discovered and a completely different outcome might be inferred.

Pecatonica Superintendent of Schools Bill Faller said the success the district experienced comes from a lot of things working well together. Assuring the one-on-one attention students get within the school district continues is also a priority. That information might not be on the report, but it is an extremely important factor in helping determine if a student finds success.

“One of the biggest reasons our scores were the best in the area has to do with our student-teacher ratio. Our teachers are dedicated and work hard. Being able to work with the student on a more personal level is a big advantage.”

Faller also commented that one of the things that jumped out at him had to do with comparing this year and last year and seeing how much improvement happened.

We look at the number of the percentage of students that did not meet or partially meet expectations. Our composite number was 17 last year. This year it was only 14.”

Assuring growth continues in the pursuit of more technological access, funds continue to be dedicated for future development and enhanced capabilities. Access to information and the speed to which that occurs has proved to be extremely helpful, according to the School Superintendent. The role technology will continue to play seems to be a big factor in the expectation of even better reports in future school years.

The scores released through PARCC tests showed the Pecatonica School District leading the area with a Composite District score of 57. Byron School District 226 scored 56. Eastland district 308 received a 51. For non-district or non-high school inclusive scores, Prairie Hill scored a 59 and Rockton received a 56.

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