By Kathryn Menue


Despite the sweet treats of Halloween trick-or-treating calling to children all over the Belvidere/Boone County community, several avid youth bowlers hit the lanes before going home to change into their costumes and hit the streets for some scares and candy.

On Monday, Oct. 31, Concordia Lanes continued with their junior leagues and announced the scores of their four highest bowlers.

Usually, there are more high scores, but perhaps due to the Halloween holiday, attendance was down at the lanes. No one competed in the lowest age category, the Cookies and Milk league. No one competed in the next division, the Bantams league.

However, the older bowlers couldn’t pass up a chance to get their names on the high bowling scores’ chart.

In the preps division, Matt Turnipseed led the boys with a high score of 98 with a 283 series. Dakota Heatley led the girls and the rest of the preps division with her high score of 116 with a 244 series.

In the junior/majors division, Morgan and Trevor Dawley were close in score, but Trevor pulled out ahead. Trevor Dawley finished with a 179 with a 447 series. Morgan Dawley finished the evening with a 176 game and a 441 series.

Competition was tougher for the bowlers in the next round with bowlers returning from Halloween festivities. This competitive nature produced higher scores on Saturday, Nov. 5.

In the Bantams league, Avason Winder scored an 85 with a 147 series, and Jaxson Winder scored a 76 with a 140 series.

In the Preps division, Coby Parks scored a 142 game with a 378 series.

In the last category, the Junior/Majors, Rachel Nelson scored a whopping 226 game with a 542 series, and Steven Grabowski scored a 200 game.

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