The Winnebago Public Library proudly announces the Peggy Palm Memorial Garden in loving memory of Ms. Margelet E. “Peggy” Palm who passed away March 21, 2016. The South side of the library, once run down and unused due to overgrowth, has now been transformed to celebrate and honor the life of Ms. Palm by her loving family.

The Winnebago Public Library Board of Trustees wishes to thank the Palm Family who made a generous donation towards the transformation. Meridian Nursery included in their garden plans plants such as: Crimson Queen Japanese Maple, Lemon Chiffon Coral Bells, Pulmonaria, Karen Azealea, PJM Rhododendron, Green Velvet Boxwood, Midget Globe Arborvitae, and Luxiant Bleeding Heart.

Director Katie Schmoyer added, “It’s a special spot for members of the community to sit down, read a book and enjoy the picturesque garden whether you’re enjoying from an armchair inside the library or on a bench outside. We’re honored the Palm family chose our gardens to memorialize their loved one.”

As weather grows colder the community can enjoy the Memorial Garden through the upstairs and downstairs glass viewing areas.

The Winnebago Public Library Director and Board of Trustees encourage the community to stop by and pause for a moment to think of Peggy Palm in this serene garden.

A dedication ceremony is currently being arranged and will be announced at a later date.

For more information, please contact the library service desk at 815-335-7050.

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