By Bob Balgemann


A series of approvals have been made by Belvidere City Council in concert with Phase III of the Sager Industrial Park subdivision near Interstate 90.

Among the issues taken up at the Monday, Nov. 7 council meeting were improvements to Tripp Road, outdoor storage of empty containers at 675 Corporate Pkwy., and Phase III of that development.

The Tripp Road project will cost an estimated $700,000, with the city’s share being $350,000. In addition to sharing the cost with the city, applicant Becknell Services LLC will pay the engineering costs.

Belvidere Public Works Director Brent Anderson said the city had applied for an economic development grant, through the state, to help defray its portion of the expense.

Road work should be done during the 2017 construction season.

The Tripp project brought questions from Alderman Mark Sanderson, who ultimately voted against the work that passed, 7-1.

After being provided the cost figures, he wondered when the city would begin to recapture those funds.

“As soon as there is development on the east side” of town, Director Anderson replied.

Alderman Ron Brooks requested confirmation of the city’s share of the cost and received some assurance from Anderson, who said he believed the project would come in under the engineer’s estimate. He added that the city would be bidding the work.

“I just wanted clarification because there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and sometimes they don’t come true,” Brooks explained.

In related action the council approved 8-0, without comment, Phase II of the industrial subdivision that includes one 22.611-acre lot. Tripp Road improvements are part of this step.

Also, council approved issuing the requested special use permit to allow the outdoor storage.

This action is related to a 221,844-square-foot building being constructed along Corporate Parkway. It will be used by Magna Industries, which is building bumpers for new Jeep Cherokees being assembled at the nearby Chrysler plant.

It was pointed out at the October planning and zoning commission meeting that this is a $32-million investment for Magna, which will provide up to 480 jobs and generate $288 million in taxes when it’s completed and up and running.

The commission recommended approval in a 6-0 vote, while the city committee of the whole followed suit in a unanimous voice vote at its Oct. 24 meeting.

At the Monday, Nov. 7 city council meeting, Alderman Sanderson asked how high the surrounding fence would be.

City Planner Gina DelRose said that had yet to be determined. It won’t completely screen the container piles, she explained. That will be done by landscaping.

Alderman Dan Snow asked if there had been any reaction from neighbors.

No, the planner answered. No correspondence or telephone calls, and no one attended the meeting held on the project.




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