By Chris Johnson

Sports Correspondent

Over the past few weeks the energy surrounding a proposal to join the two football programs at Pecatonica High School and Durand High School has hit a new gear. Courtesy of action taken by both the Pecatonica and Durand School Boards of Education, the realization of a Pecatonica-Durand Varsity football co-op is closer to realization.

The NUIC decides next as to whether they would want to accept a proposed co-operative program whose enrollment exceeds all of that within the conference itself. Most schools in the NUIC are 1A. A few of the programs competing in the Northwest Division in the NUIC are 2A. The possibility that the co-op of Pecatonica and Durand producing a 3A team has crossed many peoples minds. The research seems to discover a simple answer. The co-op would more than likely produce a football team with a student enrollment greater than any other team within the NUIC. Pec-Durand would probably be a 3A contender in the post-season and have to deal with other former State Champions and perennial post-season powerhouses such as Stillman Valley, Byron and Winnebago.

Former State Champions such as Forreston, who won it this year and prior to that in 2014, Lena-Winslow and Dakota all have recent trophies on display. They are 1A teams. They dealt with teams that were bigger than them during the regular season as they made their way to glory and the State Championship.

After the NUIC votes on the proposed joining of the two 1A programs, the IHSA will make the final decision and the football programs at both schools will have to prepare for the changes coming. A lot of things went into consideration prior to the two School Boards making the decision to work together on Friday nights, according to Pecatonica Principal Todd France.

“We have talked about this idea with both School Boards and they are in favor of it. We are working on things such as transportation to and from games as well as those participating because of the games. Arrangements for the two schools are being handled as we consider things as the bands and dance teams. The Advisory Committee is considering everything.”

According to a report released during a recent public hearing on the issue of a co-operative football effort, things like practices are also being addressed.

In the end the games will be split and there will be one school that faces a little more responsibility every two years according to France.

“In the 2017 football season, two games will be played at Pecatonica and two at Durand. During the 2018 season, since Pecatonica is the “host-school” for the first two years of the contract, they will have three games played at Pecatonica. Durand will still have two.”

According to France the situation switches after two years. The IHSA requires the two schools working in a co-operative effort feature communications through a host. Through 2018 that means Pecatonica takes care of a lot of the things. Beginning in 2019, Durand takes over.

Either School Board can make changes if it so chooses. There are a lot of regulations in place according to the Pecatonica Principal.

“For example, if someone has a problem and it is determined that a coach must go, either Board could act. When it comes to hiring coaches, both School Boards’ Trustees play a role.”

There is a lot of trust involved and a lot of hope that fans of both teams get the chance to see that the co-operative efforts between Pecatonica and Durand have produced solid rewards in the past. Recent successes on the track and distance courses, as well as through the junior levels of organized football have shown that communities who have worked together have accomplished impressive feats.

During the past football season, the combined records of both Durand and Pecatonica was 0-18.

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