On Saturday, Jan. 28, also known in 2017 as the day of the Chinese New Year celebration, local youth bowlers spent the day of celebration sparking up fireworks of their own through strikes, spares, and pickups in the Junior Bowling League set at Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere.

It all started with the youngest bowlers in the league setting the bar high, with no one scoring under 100 points.

In the Bantams league, Camdyn Hall finished the day with a high score of 111 and a series of 203. Mason Kahl ended with a 130 game and a 217 series for the day.

Topping off a solo high performance for the Preps, Coby Parks reached the top with a 133 game and a 383 series.

In the Junior/Majors division, Danielle Heinz topped the girls in her category with a 201 game and a 434 series.

Also in the Junior/Majors, two male athletes took the top placement for bowler of the week. Garrett Frazier came out on top with a 242 high scoring game. For the highest scoring series, Jacob Hodge finished on top with a 581 series.

This competitive game play continued into the league’s play on Monday, Jan. 30 with more youth bowlers making the high scoring bowlers list.

In the Bantams division, Hannah Bartlett had the highest score with a 101 and a 163 series. However, Brooklynn Wilkinson beat out Bartlett with the highest series of a 179 with her highest game being a 96.

Scores only increased from there. In the Preps category, Chad Morgan swept the competition with a 165 game and a 422 series.  Coming in second was Maci McCoy with a 119 game and a 321 series.

Finally, in the Junior/Majors division, Kevin Jenks had the highest overall score with a 193 game and a 506 series. Not too far behind Jenks was Morgan Dawley with a 178 game and a 451 series.

No doubt, these scores are sure to improve even more as the season continues through the end of the school year.

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