Battalion Chief Jay Alms and Capt. Tim Bergeron received recognition Chief Don Shoevlin for 25 years of service to Harlem-Roscoe Fire Dept. See more photos inside.

Harlem-Roscoe Fire Trustees Bart Munger, John Donahue and Al Bach hosted the Annual HRFD Appreciation Awards Dinner on Feb. 4 at the Forest Ridge Events in Machesney Park. Numerous awards were presented along with special recognition for years of service to the district and the communities within.
Special Recognition was given to two fire personnel for their 25 years of service in fire and EMS: Battalion Chief Jay Alms and Capt. Tim Bergeron.
Fire Chief Don Shoevlin says, “Battalion Chief Alms and Capt. Bergeron are a breed all by themselves. It is becoming a rarity to see tenure of 25 years as a volunteer member in the fire service. Times have changed, demands put on us are so different, and oh how the fire service has changed since both of these gentlemen joined.
“I do not know if there is enough thank you or words to show our gratitude for all they have done over these 25 years. They have both contributed to the foundation that we operate upon today.
“I can only hope that they have many more years to give because there are so many things that they can teach and share. Our younger generation of firefighters has a great resource to tap into with these individual as they have a plethora of knowledge, experience and tradition just waiting to be tapped. Thank you both for ALL you have and continue to do. You do and have made a difference.”
Other Fire Years-of-Service Recognition: 20 years – Battalion Chief Tom Aaker, Admin Asst. Colleen Bloyer, and Firefighter Joe Quast. 15 years – Capt. Ryan Alms, Acting Capt. John Donovan, Data Entry Kelly Green, Chief Don Shoevlin, and Firefighter Mark Soppe. 10 Year – Firefighter Rico VanderHeyden. 5 years – Firefighters Justin Harwood, Stefani Layman, Ryan Sarver, and Chaplain Paul Meyers.
Medical Years of Service Recognitions: 10 years – Firefighter Rob Lukowski.
New Paramedics: Mike Helland, Nate Sarver, Killian Schroeder and Jason Street. New EMTs: Tyler Gilbert-son and Sam McNames.
Other Awards: The Firefighter Good Service Award went to Lt. Patrick Trollop. Each Fire Station voted on a Most Valuable Member Award: Sta. 1 – Engineer Marty Green and Firefighter Ryan Messinger; Sta. 2 – Firefighter Chris Witcik; Sta.3 – Capt. Tim Bergeron. Chaplain of the Year went to Chaplain Chuck Han-sel. Most Trainings Award went to Capt. Tim Bergeron.
New Firefighters sworn in after 6 months’ probation: Sam McNames, Killian Schroeder, Jason Street, An-drew Wiechman, and Chris Witcik.
Acting Capt. sworn in as Captain and Acting Lt. Nate Sarver sworn in as Lieutenant.
Recognition for State Training Certifications: Advanced Technician Firefighter – Engineer Matt Bush, Fire Officer 1 – Capt. John Donovan and Lt. Steve Shoevlin. Instructor 1 – Firefighters David Leslie and Greg Wernick. Fire Service Vehicle Operator – Firefighters Jason Street and Rico VanderHeyden. Hazardous Materials Technician A – Firefighter Rob Gonia. Rescue Specialist- Confined Space – Lt. Brandon Tietz. Swiftwater Technician – Lt. Patrick Trollop. Vehicle Machinery Operations – Lt. Nate Sarver. Water Operations – Firefighters Mike Helland, Brett Parrish and Lt. Patrick Trollop. Watercraft Technician – Firefighter Mike Helland and Lt. Patrick Trollop.
Most Volunteer Fire Runs: Sta. 1 – 1st Place, Capt. John Donovan and 2nd Place, Firefighter Marty Green. Sta. 2 – 1st Place, Firefighter Chris Witcik, 2nd Place, Capt. Mike Huffman. Sta.3 – 1st Place, Lt. Brandon Tietz, 2nd Place, Firefighter Sam McNames.
Most Volunteer Medical Runs: Sta.1 – 1st Place, Capt. John Donovan, 2nd Place, Austin Richards. Sta.2 – 1st Place, Firefighter Chris Witcik, 2nd Place, Lt. Patrick Trollop, Sta.3 – 1st Place, Lt. Brandon Tietz, 2nd Place, Firefighter Sam McNames.

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