By Jean Seegers
In a final reading at the Feb. 7, Roscoe Village meeting, Board President Dave Krienke asked for approval of a resolution authorizing Fehr Graham Engineering Inc. to create bid specifications for repairs to the Police Department building (sewer, air quality, south door and roof.)
Before the vote could be taken, Trustee Carol Gustafson asked Village Treasurer Steve Stromquist if Capital Funds appropriations for the repairs were in the 2017 budget. Stromquist said they were not. “Before you can have a contract, you have to appropriate the funds,” Stromquist said.
Each year, the board decides what projects will take precedence and what will be the amount needed to fund the projects. The cost of Police Department repairs was not on the list. Stromquist said former Village Administrator Pat De Grave did not want the amount listed until a decision was made regarding the project’s cost.
“It will take about four weeks to get a resolution and a supplemental appropriation, “Stromquist said. “There is currently over $800,000 in the Capital Improvement Fund. That amount will be appropriated for the repairs.”
In other business: President Dave Krienke, Trustee Carol Gustafson and Trustee Lindsey Swanson were selected as members of the ad hoc committee to review

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