Brooke McVay perfectly displayed the personality of Elvis.

By Marianne Mueller
Under direction of fifth grade teacher, Ciara Fischer, Reading Specialist, Sarah Maxey, and Heather Dobnick-third and fourth grade multiage teacher and Dawn Heavlin, Language Arts support that helped with speech unit students at Shirland School chose a person of interest to study. After compiling information on famous musicians, politicians, historical figures, sports stars and more personalities of our time 33 students gave a presentation to their class and teachers.
Shirland School was transformed into a wax museum on Wednesday evening, Jan. 18. Attractions and displays included detailed exhibitions that filled the hallways. Students came to life in full character. As visitors stopped by each section of the museum wax models told the story of the person they chose to study in depth.
In the “Hall of Explorers” museum guests met Amelia Earhart and Blackbeard.
Jesus, Johnny Appleseed, Colonel Phillip McNair, Nelson Mandela, King Tut and Paul Revere were found in the “Hall of Historical Figures.”
A “Hall of Famous Women” included

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