By Kathryn Menue


Returning colder temperatures on Saturday, Feb. 25 reminded the community that winter is still upon us. Since winter is still here, so are winter sports.

One such winter sport is bowling.

On Saturday, local youth bowlers gathered at Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, for the weekly junior bowling league.

For this round of play, seven junior bowlers were named to the high scorers list.

In the Bantams, Andrea Robles topped the chart with the highest score of an even 100 pins.

Finishing with the second highest score all around and the highest boys’ score was Christian Schultz with a 96 game and a 162 series.

Coming in with the highest series all around was Angelica Robles with a 180.

In the Preps division, Wyatt Anderson rolled his way to the top with a 149 score and a 374 series. Following behind was Mollie Jones on top for the girls for another week with a 104 game and a 301 series.

In the Junior/Majors category, Aaron Rochon scored an even 200 with a 554 series. Not far back was Rachel Nelson with a 190 game and a 553 series.

Junior bowling games continued on Monday, Feb. 27 with a new set of bowlers competing to have their names on the high scoring chart.

In this round of play, seven more youth bowlers earned a spot on the high scorers list.

In the Bantams category, Hannah Bartlett had the highest score overall with a 115 and a 204 series. Following close behind in score was Brooklynn Wilkinson with a 107 game and a 206 series.  Noel Capodanno earned a spot as well with a 96 game and a 163 series.

In the Preps division, Maci McCoy stayed on top for the girls for another week with a score of 145 with a 364 series.  Chad Morgan was on top for the boys with a 152 game and a 393 series.

In the final category, the Junior/Majors, Morgan Dawley beat out Kevin Jenks for the top score by five pins. Dawley earned a score of 228 while Jenks earned a score of 223.


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