Marine Gurrero, Christine Laplanche, Melanie Flaten, Cyndi Vega, Micheal Goodwin and Shannon Milan teamed up in matching outfits.

By Marianne Mueller
Lightly snow covered grounds cleared exposing a sandy beach with sunny skies shining overhead. Temperatures sat in the 40s and strong winds created conditions that failed to keep 355 brave souls with warm hearts from plunging into icy waters of Olson Lake in Rock Cut State Park. In a show of support for Special Olympics the 2017 Polar Plunge was full of positive spirit led by organizer Deb Kelly.
While some chose to wear a t-shirt and shorts or swimsuits others chose to wear Costumes ranging from the amazing detail put into the Freezing our Tails off Macktown Lions Clubs team’s St. Patrick Day themed style.
Superheroes, matching costumes, tutus, each were spotted along with the very eye-catching and unforgettable Iddy Bitty Pool School’s “Under the Sea” ensemble which always adds extra fun to the overall event.
Hands were held over hearts as an opening ceremony that featured Lisa Leombruni’s clear, beautiful rendition of our National Anthem. Assistant Deputy Chief and Assistant Torch Run Director for IL. Pat Hoey caught everyone’s attention as he carried the ceremonial torch.
Hoey was first to hit the water followed by Leombruni who brought the torch back after Hoey’s Plunge.
Teams ran into to the water first followed by individual plungers. All plungers were

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