The Belvidere Board of Education regularly meets as a full body of trustees the second week of each month. Once in their seats, trustees move forward with the approval of the previous meeting’s minutes.

After that, any adjustments can be noted and approved prior to additional action continuing. That step includes allowing individuals in the public realm or supporting level of administration to speak.

The minutes then become available to the public after approval by the board. That action is a typical early step taken by trustees. It is a required step to help verify all the action taken at the previous meeting is reported.

During those meetings, students at Belvidere North and Belvidere High Schools get the chance to be heard by the administrative board. The concerns of the students, the student councils from each campus, are presented to trustees.

The step taken by the teen leaders allows District 100 board members the chance to stay informed with how things are going in the halls of the district’s schools. It also gives trustees the opportunity to take action if they deem it to be necessary.

Being a part of student council is often an early step politically-minded youths take as they learn to lead, listen, and administrate. On Feb. 13, members last met to discuss the current developments within District 100 and to allow the student representatives to speak. The student councils brought their concerns and were heard.

Trustees enter the monthly meeting of the District 100 Board of Education already aware of many of the happenings “around town.” Monthly committee meetings fill the schedule to help assure they have the most recent information available before votes are cast.

The Board of Education curriculum meeting is one of the final meetings committee members take part in before they close monthly action. It typically is held after the trustee meeting and the information is presented during the following month’s board meeting.

Additional meetings of trustees in committee member capacity include the Board of Education policy committee meeting, which typically follows the monthly board meeting and the Board of Education business services committee, which is held prior to the monthly board meeting of elected trustees.

A full list of upcoming meetings, agendas and minutes can be found through requests placed with District 100.

However, most of the information including upcoming meeting dates can be found on the Belvidere School District website at:

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