The calendar shows the spring sports season has begun and the winter activities can be put to rest for student-athletes at Belvidere North High School.

The IHSA hopes to see smooth transitions from sports season to the next. Post-season participation and weather often play a role in delaying the first few practices and swings into the regular season, but once it takes off, the activities become numerous.

At Belvidere North High School, the list of available activities include: track and field, softball, tennis, soccer, and baseball, in which many of the earliest games on the schedule face ultimate delay. Athletes can’t play ball outdoors with a few inches of snow on the ground.

The games will go on and later in the season; those early matches un-played will see their moments on the fields. The more things get delayed, the busier the schedule is later in the season.

On March 14, the Lady Blue Thunder had a scheduled soccer match in DeKalb. On the same day, the boys’ baseball program, all levels, were scheduled to play at home against the Hampshire Whip-purs.

The girls’ softball team also was scheduled to be home in a match against Orangeville.

On March 15, the boys’ track-and-field team was scheduled to take the field as the boys’ baseball team welcomed Lakes High School for a non-conference match. The freshman-sophomore and junior-varsity squads played on the road against Lakes.

The weather-impacted games also impacted a March 16 junior varsity-varsity baseball game at Woodstock North. The girls’ soccer team also was scheduled to head out on the road for a match at Richmond-Burton. The girls’ softball team was scheduled to host Marian Central Catholic on Thursday as well.

One of the only early season athletic-activities not heavily impacted by the recent weather-worries was the girls’ indoor NIC-10 track and field meet, which was held March 16 at the Auburn Fieldhouse, with the games beginning at 4:30 p.m.

The week closed with a scheduled March 17 varsity softball match at Huntley. The Lady Red Raiders’ junior varsity and freshman-sophomore teams were scheduled to play at Belvidere North.

On March 18, the boys’ track and field team participated in its own indoor meet at Huntley.

Weather permitting, the games will be out on the fields soon as the spring season moves along toward completion at Belvidere North High School.

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