Stephen Mack Warriors emerged victorious as Conference Champions!

By Marianne Mueller
Tryouts were held in December to find the best of talent to play on Stephen Mack Middle School’s Warriors girls’ basketball team. Under the Direction of Coach Marc Lamay and Assistant Coach, Anthony Johnston a 10-person team worked hard throughout the season that ran until early March.
The Warriors practiced an average of six to eight hours a week. Training, practice and perseverance led to the team winning in their final game against Lutheran with a score of 45-32. The Warriors overall season record was 14 wins and 1 loss! They finished the regular conference season with an undefeated record of 8 and 0 by winning three games in the conference tournament held at Stephen Mack Middle School.
Before hitting the basketball court the girls team created a playlist of their favorite songs which were played over the PA system during warm ups.
Marc Lamay has been a coach at Stephen Mack Middle School a total of four years. “This year we had a group of girls who truly got along with each other. They played as a team and worked hard every single day. Teammates always showed excellent sportsmanship both toward each other and to opposing teams. “This group was probably the most mentally tough group of girls that I have ever coached. We were losing several games this season in the second half and came back to win,” lauds Coach Lamay.
Players shared their basketball history while weig hing in on their experience this season.
“My interest in basketball started in 5th grade,” said the team’s guard and forward Lauren Johnston. “I have learned the value of hard work and putting the time and effort into everything I do; both sports and school related. “Overall I had a really fun season with great teammates, and I am sad that middle school basketball is finished because I have had a great coach for four years and have learned a lot from him,” adds Johnston.
Marlee Vlasnik has been hitting the court since she was in the fourth grade and has been playing for the past five years. “I have learned how to handle

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