By Michelle Albert, President Byron Foundation

With a grant from the Byron Foundation, Byron High School (BHS) hosted a “Day of Impact” to address the importance of Social Emotional Leaning (SEL). Schools must teach the whole student if they want to see healthier school climates and improved academic results. They are charged with helping students master academic content and become committed and effective citizens; able to succeed in an increasingly complex world. Yet, many students lack the social and emotional skills they need to learn and grow, or they possess them but require ongoing reinforcement to reach their full potential.

Educators know that teaching students effectively is impossible when pupils are unable to properly engage in the learning process. There are many reasons why a student may fail to engage. With SEL focus, students are taught how to: handle emotions well, relax and focus on learning, avoid negative behaviors, make positive decisions solve problems cooperatively, understand others, and practice empathy and caring.

SEL has three main domains: Affect, Behavior, and Cognition.


To read the full story see the Feb. 1st issue of The Tempo


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