The City of South Beloit is pleased to announce that the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) has honored Chief Patrick Hoey by being designated as a Certified Police Chief through the Association’s Police Chief Certification Program. This designation signifies that Chief Hoey has met the highest standards of competency and conduct for his profession.

Chief Patrick Hoey

To be eligible for consideration, those interested in pursuing certification must first meet the ILACP’s criteria for experience, education, professional membership, and community involvement. In the first phase of the process, candidates must demonstrate extensive law enforcement experience, including command and executive posts, a solid educational background that encompasses continuing education and training, and an active participation in relevant professional and community organizations.

After meeting these requirements, they are allowed to proceed with the certification examination, which tests their knowledge of managerial concepts, modern policing concepts, law and leading cases, and budgeting principles. Candidates who demonstrate their mastery in these areas must then face a panel of their peers, consisting of three active Illinois Police Chiefs.

To read the full story see the Jan. 18 edition of The Herald.

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