By Margaret Downing


Commissioners at the South Beloit city council meeting on Feb. 5 okayed several ordinances and resolutions concerning planned residential development sites off Willowbrook Road, while denying a special use request for a used auto sales/all-terrain vehicle sales, and retail hobby shop in the 1800 block of Blackhawk Blvd.

Although approval had been recommended by the zoning board (4-3 in favor), applicant Matthew Meyers’ request was denied. Adjacent residential property owners voiced disapproval of the special use permit due to concerns for children who wait for school buses and who get dropped off at the corner.

Additionally, nearby residents did not want the business located there for fear of noise and traffic.

The city’s zoning administrator had recommended approval following the recommendations of certain conditions, such as “dumpster enclosure shall be constructed on the property if a dumpster is to be utilized; that the business be in conformance with the detailed business narrative and any other information submitted and approved to the city, including hours of operation, and compliance with all other codes and ordinances.”

Reduction of proposed number of used auto spaces from 30 down to 17 had also been requested.

The Planned Residential Developments were in relation to the “Manchester Trails, LLC” multi-family, and a residential converted private access easement to the public right-of –way; a residential Manchester Trails Plat No. 2; also a zoning map amendment for property at 14935 Willowbrook Road to commercial general zoning upon annexation to the city, filed by Berkland Development, LLC.

Some nearby residents did oppose the rezoning request, noting the request “does not state the purpose for which this request is required.” Those who opposed the request also noted that reasons for rezoning were not made clear.

The city council approved the change from multi-family residential to allow for the amended planned residential development and re-plat of the site.

Read the rest of this article in the Feb. 15 issue of the Herald.

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