By Chris Johnson


The USDA requires certain foods be provided to the students within the State-controlled education system. Those items have to be in balance, with calories and other criteria considered. A lot of restrictions are involved in the actual design of the final tray. Some say, at times, something is missing. As a result, some students opt for alternate provisions for lunchtime.

When it comes to what’s on the lunch menu at District 100, how many ounces each serving is and how much it costs to put it on the plate has to be considered. With each decision made by the lunchtime governing council, a certain cost has to be ac-corded and passed along.

On Monday night, Feb. 5, Trustees with Belvidere School District 100 met at the committee level, to work through the numbers. The decision on lunch prices for the 2018-2019 pushed a step closer to acceptance.

Some students within the district won’t have to worry about the Board’s final decision. Some discounts and allowances are already in place. Much of the information students need for their school year is revealed during registration. It also happened to be another issue worked out at the Friday night Business Services Committee.

The cost for attendance was considered. Similar to balancing the cost for providing lunch options to students, there is an even bigger cost to get students in and out of the building and along the area roadways. The proposal will be presented to Board Members to make the final decision.

Research helps assure some general ideas are already workable. District 100 covers a large area across Belvidere and Belvidere North’s neighborhoods. There are varied income levels and household numbers that are unique to the communities. Follow-up on the Demographic Study was highlighted on the Monday night agenda.

Additional topics of discussion included


For complete article, pick up the Feb. 7 Belvidere Daily Republican.

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