Car shipping has become incredibly important to thousands of people in America with the vast variety of cars available on the market. Millions of people choose to drive each year, with more and more people learning to drive too. This means the demand for new and used cars is skyrocketing. A lot of the time, car shipping is used when people are purchasing a new car, whether it’s directly from the manufacturer or perhaps a third party seller. Either way, once a car is purchased, getting it to its final destination would be somewhat of a struggle without shipping it. No one wants to get their new car with lots of mileage added onto it because it’s been driven across several states.

Additionally, for people who are moving overseas or perhaps to the opposite side of the country, using a car shipping company seems to be the only realistic and feasible option to get a car from A to B. So, since the need for car shipping is booming, car shipping and moving companies are looking for more individuals to join their skilled teams.

A-1 Auto Transport, a top car shipping and moving company out of California with services in Illinois are looking to award scholarships to eligible students in Byron, Durand, Pecatonica, Stillman Valley and Winnebago. Awarded scholarships may value at $250, $500 or $1,000 per year. A student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher is qualified for the scholarship as long as they’re currently enrolled at an accredited college or institute. Scholarship money won will be sent directly to the financial office of the school where the student is registered.

See the Feb. 8th issue of the Gazette for the full story

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