Durand High School cheerleaders and their camp coach, front Row (L to R): Kiley DeSchepper, Katie Dulyea, Lillian Maiella, Premiere Cheer Camp Coach. Back Row (L to R) Arianna McCorkle, Lydia Creviston, Korissa Veins, Anna Jozsa, Sloan Sheldon, Millie King, Kendra Dollak.

Durand High School cheerleaders were recently recognized as recipients of the Premiere Cheer Camps Award of Excellence at their summer cheer camp hosted by the private cheer camp company, Premiere Cheer Camps.

The team was selected by Premiere Cheer Camps staff based on their outstanding sportsmanship, spirit, and growth in the areas of cheer throughout camp.

Premiere Cheer Camps is a National Cheer Company, serving thousands of coaches and athletes each year. This squad demonstrated remarkable attributes that qualified them for this unique honor.

Durand High School cheerleaders will be featured on the Premiere Cheer Camps national website, in recognition of this achievement. Each squad member received an individual ribbon as well as the Premiere Cheer Camps Award of Excellence team certificate.

“The Premiere Cheer Camps Award of Excellence is such an exciting award to present! Our staff looks forward to choosing and recognizing talented cheerleaders all over the United States. I am always pleased to hear that Premiere is helping to shape athletes and develop their existing potential,” says Aaron Scott, President of Premiere Cheer Camps.

Read the rest of the story in the July 26th edition of The Gazette

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