By Anne Eickstadt

ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Daily Republican
The Belvidere Cone behind Dari Ripple was completed in time for Heritage Days and is a great place to #MeetMeByTheCone in downtown Belvidere.


Construction on the sculpture, called the ‘Belvidere Cone,’ began on Thursday, May 23 on the grounds of the Dari Ripple. Sculptors Jon Critchfield and Bob Coleman created a cone from a standing tree trunk behind the Dari Ripple parking lot. The Belvidere Cone represents the carefree joys of summertime in downtown Belvidere and is an ideal place for visitors to snap a selfie and tag it #MeetMeByTheCone.

Critchfield has long been known in the community for his woodcarvings, the most well known of which are a group of sculptures in the Belvidere Park District titled “Chaos in Camp.” They were installed in Belvidere Park during the summer of 1997 from wood of various trees that grew in Belvidere.

Critchfield collaborated the ice cream cone project with Bob Coleman, another local artist that he has known since high school. The final touch was provided by Troy Yunk when he painted the sculpture in ice cream colors and added bright sprinkles.

“I have made a number of sculptures in and for Belvidere,” said Critchfield. “There are several in Belvidere Park that are currently being refurbished. I haven’t made as many as I wanted to for Belvidere because my wife and I had to work the art fair circuit and keep making items to keep a roof over our heads, our children and our Great Danes.”

“The ice cream cone is my last outdoor sculpture and I was delighted to be working with Bob. I care about him very much. I have known him since my family moved to Boone County in 1964. He is more than a friend – he has surpassed that and become my brother. We love to work together. We see things in much the same way.

“This was my first collaboration on a large scale. We were very excited about this project. Ten years ago…

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