By Anne Eickstadt

ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Republican
Reverend (Dr.) Bob Kopp led the school prayer blessing for the new school year in downtown Belvidere.

A Back to School Prayer Event was held in Hub Plaza near the town clock on the warm Sunday afternoon of Aug. 19. Over 30 people gathered together at 3 p.m., and more trickled in throughout the event, to pray for the students, parents, and school staff – teachers, coaches, administration, custodial staff, bus drivers, cooks, etc. – regarding their health, safety, and well being throughout the new school year.

The reasoning behind this was that gatherings are always held when tragedy strikes, but a gathering to pray safety over the schools to prevent tragedy is just as important. Make a preemptive call for safety and wisdom for all.

Everyone received information on “31 Days of Prayer” to assist in thought filled prayers for our schools:

-Physical, intellectual, and emotional growth and stability, excellence in all staff and students.

-Growth in wisdom, love, sensitivity, and fairness to and for others; kind social interaction in all of life.

-Thankfulness for creativity and for opportunities for each child to develop their God-given talents.

-For your child(ren)’s teachers by name; for insight and wisdom into each child’s needs; for patience, perseverance, and encouragement.

-For each classroom environment to be warm and inviting.

-Physical safety; God’s protection of all students, teachers, school buildings and properties from disease, weather, man-derived evils.

-A special anointing on all special education classrooms, students, and staff.

-School administration and school board decision-making, wise curriculum choices.

-Abundant provision; wise usage of all resources.

-Empathy and compassion for others to reign in every classroom; learn kindness and control of their tongues.

-Peaceful environments conducive to learning; peace within each child and staff member, no fear. Shalom.

-Appropriate, God-pleasing materials and curricula in every classroom.

-An end to all forms of bullying and violence, gang activity; for God to reign in the hearts of all

-An awareness and aversion to unhealthy/immoral habits, speech, and behavior.

-Healthy cooperation between administration, teachers, staff, and property.

-Timely revealing and resolution of anything potentially harmful to students, staff, and property.

-Parents and guardians to respect, honor, and show thankfulness to school staff.

-Godly men and women of integrity to be placed in all positions of our schools, role models who connect with our children.

-Respect for authority, good mentoring opportunities.

-Good communication between schools and school families.

-Motivation of students to do their best, laughter and joy in the halls and classrooms.

-All Belvidere schools to provide excellent education suited to each child’s needs.

-Relevant after-school programs and opportunities, including faith-based programs.

-Opportunities and openness for parents and community members to be participants in our schools.

-Access to and proper use of technology in our schools.

-Insights into and guidance for each child’s future endeavors; increased graduation rate, good citizenship.

-Good and appropriate discipline/intervention when necessary.

-Each family to provide the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional components necessary for healthy development of their children

-Effective communication on all levels.

-Quick recognition of any situations needing intervention; God-given wisdom.

-Thanksgiving for God’s abundant blessings though Jesus Christ.

Schools in the area and their Principals:

District 100

Caledonia Elementary School – Kelly Cotter

Lincoln Elementary School – Elizabeth Marchini

Meehan Elementary School – Michael Yates

Perry Elementary School – Frank Madera

Seth Whitman Elementary School – Theresa Lozdoski

Washington Academy – Sarah Brenner

Belvidere Central Middle School – Brett McPherson

Belvidere South Middle School – Ben Commare

Belvidere High School – Billy Lewis

Belvidere North High School – Marc Eckmann

Regional Alternative Schools – David Lund

District 200

Capron Elementary School – Allison Louis

Manchester Elementary School – Molly Liljia

Poplar Grove Elementary School – Heather Walsh

North Boone Elementary School – Jamie Pierce

North Boone Middle School – Jamie Pierce

North Boone High School – Jacob Hubert

Other area schools:

Immanuel Lutheran School – Judy Schaefer

Rockford Lutheran High School – Don Gillingham

Rockford Christian School – Amy Haltman

St. James School – Dr. Kathleen Miller

Northern Illinois University – President Lisa Freeman

Rock Valley College – President Douglas Jensen

Rockford Alternative Schools – Dr. Lori Fanello

Rockford University – President Eric Falcomer


Private child care and day care facilities

Teachers, teacher aids at all levels

Parents and legal guardians

Drama, music, sports, participants, coaches, and spectators

District #100 Superintendent – Dr. Daniel Woestman and Board of Education: Kelly Diamond; Holly Houk; Karla Maville; Stacy McGowen; Allison Reed-Niemec; Robert Tobert; Heather Sell-Wick

District #200 Superintendent – Dr. Michael Greenlee and Board of Education: Matt Ellinson; Brian Haselborst; Joe Haverly; Tom Kinser; Mary Maxey; Tom Moon; Ed Mulholland

Transportation, Business, Technology, Food, Health, and Library Services staff

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