By Anne Eickstadt

ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Republican
Cory Thornton of CT’s Hobbies provides a safe place for the gamers of Belvidere to enjoy and improve their math and strategy skills.


“CT’s Hobbies opened seven years ago,” said owner Cory Thornton. “We just got everything situated in the new store. This is our Grand Reopening. I love this store so much better than the old store. This store is so much bigger, the ceilings are higher, it’s brighter…

“We run gaming events six days a week. The game tables are open to the public when games are not scheduled. We do Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, D&D, and more. Dungeons & Dragons is at an all time high for sales right now.

“The store holds kid oriented events as well. We have done events for the Girl Scouts of America and Boy Scouts events, pretty much everything. Just call and I will work out a schedule.

“Today (Saturday, Oct. 27) we have 25 percent or more off our products. Some items are up to 90 percent off. We are also handing out gift bags for kids and grilling hot dogs out back.

“Most of the games in the store are geared to millenials. Members of the older generations come in but we see millenials every day. I know a lot of my customers on a first name basis. They tell me how their day was, how their date went… I am part friend, part family, part psychologist. I am a part of their lives.

“This is a fun, safe place in Belvidere where people can feel welcome and safe. They can come here and meet those in the community with the same interests. They can play games face-to-face instead with anonymous persons on the computer.

“We carry nothing electronic here so people have to use their minds. Kids and adults can…

For complete article, pick up the Nov. 8 Belvidere Republican.

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