By Anne Eickstadt

ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Republican
Mindy Long, history specialist at the Ida Public Library and Marsha Hosfeld, genealogy expert with Denise Rottmann, seeker of her family tree information at an informal, drop-in genealogy evening.


Marsha Hosfeld of the Winnebago and Boone Counties Genealogical Society came to the Ida Public Library on Tuesday, Jan. 8 for the first of a series of monthly drop-in visits to assist people in the research of their family tree.

“I’ve always loved photographs,” Hosfeld said. My mom always had old photographs around and they fascinated me. My dad was curious about our family so we would take family trips to Wisconsin where his parents had been. On one hand, I had my mom’s Irish side and on the other I had ancestors who had been here since before the Civil War.

“Now, I’m addicted to genealogy. I subscribe to almost anything online. My biggest tree is on The genealogical society has forms to help you fill in what information you already know about your family history. The more you can fill in, the more accurate the search will be.

“Research you ancestors, but also research their siblings. If you come to a dead-end with your direct ancestor, one of their siblings may provide further clues to help you dig deeper. Property records, church records, census records, and county genealogy records can all provide hints, clues, and solid hits when you are searching.

“Old obituaries often did not provide a first name for a wife or a widow. She would only be known as ‘Mrs.’ and her husband’s name.

“On a number of genealogy sites, you can now attach documents. Also, if you locate…

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