Sesquicentennial Dinner featured murder mystery
By Kay DeMarco
The Pecatonica Sesquicentennial Committee is progressing through 2019 with an event each month. A Ladies and Men’s pageant was held in January with Shannon Mulcahey as pageant director. In February Mayor Bill Smull organized the Sesquicentennial Dinner as a fundraiser for the year’s activities. Darla Stram, and Jennifer and Chris Johnson headed Smull’s committee. Food and beverages were provided by Cimino’s, Eickman’s, The Railway, the American Legion and Famous Fossil Winery. Roberta Hutting ran the 50/50 Raffle, and Kathy and Mike Doty and Boy Scout Troop 1 efficiently prepared and served the meal courses for the evening.
The highlight of the evening was entertainment provided by the Pec Playhouse’s murder mystery, “A Taste for Wine and Murder”. The setting was a wine festival at Napa Valley at the Underwood Estates where five years earlier Barry Underwood was murdered. The unsolved mystery was opened up this summer and suspects were interrogated to provide a hilarious evening of entertainment.

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