North Boone District #3 will be putting a referendum on the ballot April 2 to be the ambulance service provider for the Poplar Grove

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North Boone District #3 is asking to be the ambu-lance service provider for the Poplar Grove area at no out-of-pocket cost to those in need of services.

area, and while providing this service they will not be billing any members of their District any out of pocket expense ever.

Heath Morrall, President of Boone County District #3 explained that the community knows we’re always here for them, and that we are the ones they call to enter the burning building to rescue their loved ones. We believe they will trust us with their loved one’s care while being transported to a local medical center. The fact they will not pay anything over what their insurance coverage pays, is an added benefit and is our way of giving back to our community. These are our friends and neighbors, we care about this community and making sure they get the best service possible. That is why we are putting this measure on the ballot.

Mr. Morrall, announced they will be putting a referendum out on the April 2 Ballot that will ask the average Boone County Fire District #3 homeowner for an approximately $5 per year tax subsidy for North Boone’s Ambulance service. The average home in Boone County is assessed at $146,600.00, and they are asking for $3.33 per $100,000 of assessed value. This $5 per year property tax is the only out of pocket expense we expect our District homeowners to pay.

The area is growing, you can see new construction all throughout our District and we need to keep up with this growth. While everyone knows how health care costs are rising every year, we believe we can help our community keep costs low in at least this one area. No one in our District will ever receive a bill above their insurance coverage. When Heath was asked what about people who are uninsured, he replied then they will not pay anything over this $5 per year property tax. Fire departments are the most efficient, and effective method of providing emergency medical care to a local community, and these are our friends and neighbors, we are here for them when they need us, be it a small grass fire or a loved one in a health crisis.

“We are running the referendum because additional EMS services make a community safer,” said Stan Smiley, Volunteer with Friends of North Boone #3.

“The fact we can do it without charging above what anyone’s insurance chooses to pay will…

For complete article, pick up the March 28 Belvidere Republican.

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