Melissa Stucky was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. She has gone through a regimen of chemotherapy, which resulted in losing her hair. As a symbol of support, several teachers at South Beloit High School volunteered to have their heads shaved by the students. The fundraiser netted over $800. Stucky is the Speech and Language Pathologist for the South Beloit School District.


South Beloit teachers ‘Brave the Shave’ to help fellow faculty member fight cancer
By Jean Seegers
South Beloit School District Speech and Language Pathologist Melissa Stucky was diagnosed with breast cancer about three months ago. In January, she began chemotherapy and hopes to finish the regimen in May or June. Radiation and surgery will follow in the summer.
Because chemo suppresses the immune system, Stucky is unable to work. She wears a mask when out in public. Chemotherapy has also caused her to lose her hair.
Stucky and her husband Matt, who is the basketball coach and an English teacher at South Beloit High School are parents of two-year old Maggie. They family lives in Rockton.
Several benefits and fundraisers have been initiated in area schools and in the community to support the family and help with their financial burden.
The most recent fundraiser was at South Beloit High School on Friday, Feb. 22. Teachers and students took part in “Brave the Shave.” For $1 per ticket, students had a chance to shave their teachers’ heads. Principal Jeremy Schaaf pulled the names of students from a large bucket and invited them to come forward.
First Class Cosmetology from Beloit was on hand to provide assistance to the students and clean up the teacher’s haircuts.
Teachers participating were: Sam Cady; Jessica Semplot; Steven Picavet; Joe Mr. Fisher; Ed Tatera; Brett Granath; Matt Stucky and the school’s receptionist Keeley Lenz.
Schaaf said the fundraiser has netted over $800.
Watching their teachers have their heads shorn was a big hit with the students.
“I am so thankful for the kindness and support and the school and the entire community,” Stucky said.

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