Pat Muller, owner of Quansa Kennels, 3822 Pann Road in South Beloit, is a professional dog trainer. She is the creator of “Manners in Minutes,” a basic training program for dogs and puppies. Muller also trains Service dogs to provide assistance and companionship for people suffering disabilities and emotional problems such as PTSD.


Quansa Training Center promotes responsible pet ownership
By Jean Seegers
Pat Muller says she sees dogs as God sees them. Muller seems to have a sixth sense which she has honed since going into the business of training, boarding and communicating with all breeds and types of canine personalities for over 52 years. Muller is the owners of Quansa Kennels, 3822 Pann Rd, South Beloit.
Muller has written a professional training program especially for puppies – “Manners in Minutes.” In it she stresses that puppies are not on the same level as humans. “ A puppy does not have the same priorities or interests as the human. “He is a dog, you are a human. Your priorities are not even close.”
Muller teaches that a combination of love, limits, respect and communication are necessary to have a healthy relationship with your dog. Indulgence and freedom, seen through a dog’s eyes is permission to do as he pleases.
She emphasizes that puppies know that the higher-ranking members of the “pack” make the decisions. “Think of your household as a pack. You are the pack leader or CEO of the company, she said. “If you remember that you are in charge of making decisions, you will feel less guilty for correcting your puppy.
“Puppies need you to be the pack leader just as children need you to parent.”
Muller has definite opinions on setting a puppy up for failure. She compares thems to young children. “No responsible adult would leave a young child alone in a home all day, neither should a puppy be left alone. “Unless you clearly establish your priorities, rules and what is normal in your house, your puppy will assume he can live by his own rules.”
Muller says puppies have to learn manners just as children do. “It is the human’s job to teach them just as you would your children.”
Muller also trains Service dogs and Emotional Support dogs. Service dogs (therapy dogs) are trained to help a person with emotional or physical disabilities that impact his life. She works extensively with veterans and other individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, (PTSD) pairing emotionally frail men and women and dogs through behavior modification and communication techniques.
Rescue dogs are often used as Service dogs. “Rescue dogs can also exhibit signs of PTSD,” Muller said.
Training is essential to making a match a success. “It’s important to do the training before adopting a dog. “You don’t know what the dog has gone through.”
“Equally important is learning the background and situation of the person suffering the effects of PTSD,” Muller said. “The dog that is chosen has to have a personality that fits with the owner.” Muller said.
Muller analyzes the dog before introducing him to a potential owner. “The dog’s job is to provide security and protection, be non-violent and non-threatening.”
Many people with PTSD have panic attacks, nightmares, mood swings and difficulty socializing. Dogs
can provide life-altering advantages for many people. Recently, Kathy, a veteran who is disabled and has balance and emotional problems, attended a training class with Kiowa, a Service dog. Kiowa is a protective and loyal dog, according to Muller.
Muller worked with Kathy teaching her commands and communication techniques. “Dogs reflect the personality of the owner.” Muller said.
Trained Service dogs like Kiowa give PTSD sufferers the confidence to live their lives independently.
For more information about Quansa Kennels training programs, call Pat Muller at 815-389-3754 or
Contact her at

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